Vintage Lunette De Soleil Sunglasses

Vintage Lunette De Soleil Sunglasses

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It’s the 1940s and it is a hot scorching summer night. Mosquitos are buzzing. Timeless convertibles are whizzing up and down the Stateline. Youthful teenagers are sitting at soda shops sipping on assorted soda pops. The jukebox is blazing with rhythmic harmonizing melodies. And the drive-thru movies is gearing up for the premiere of an impressive Hollywood Film. The cars are pouring in and there is an utter excitement in the atmosphere. The scene is set. A pretty actress comes on the screen with a silky white scarf tied around her head. Her chestnut brown hair is full of bouncing luxurious curls that tease softly on her forehead. She smiles at the man standing before her. He is tall and handsome. She knows something that he knows nothing about. She silently walks to a beautiful bay window and peers outside. She turns back to the man. A slight grin surfaces on her lips and she says “Darling….”, while lifting a pair of round black lens sunglasses.

The Vintage Lunette De Soleil Sunglasses brings you back to a time when life was so simple, when classic cars zipped up and down the downtown streets, and when fancy Hollywood actors appeared on a massive outdoor movie screen.

The Vintage Lunette De Soleil Sunglasses has all of the glitz and glamour.

We offer them in the traditional black lens. They are also available in the new upscale brown and purple lenses. The Vintage Lunette De Soleil Sunglasses has all the desirable elements, qualities, and characteristics to cause you to desire a pair of chic sunglasses.

 Satisfy that desire today.





Lens Width: 59 mm
Lenses Optical Attribute: Mirror, UV400, Anti-Reflective
Style: Oval shaped
Lenses Material: Acrylic
Lens Height: 54mm
Brand Name: LWC
Frame Material: Plastic
French: Lunette de Soleil
Suitable Face: Round Face, Long Face, Square Face, Oval Face
Sunglasses Style: Vintage, Retro sunglasses
Color: Black/ Brown/ Purple